A great project,
a great team

A team full of
Professionals with
extensive experience.

Our team is made up of proven professionals with extensive experience in the logistics sector. They are our main asset. Thanks to them, we can offer a personalised multimodal logistics service based on the characteristics and needs of each one of our customers.

To obtain the best logistics solutions for our customers based on the needs of their commercial activity and, at the same time, to provide them with advisory services in the area of foreign trade, always offering them an integrated quality service that allows them to meet their needs and expectations.
Cisgral aspires to be a benchmark, to be known within the logistics sector worldwide and to be able to offer logistics solutions for all types of projects and services for the customer, basing its work on professionalism, effort, ethics, sustainability, respect, integrity and transparency.

We cover any
transport and logistics
need worldwide.

Cisgral, the trusted partner chosen by thousands of customers from different industrial sectors. When you choose Cisgral, you are opting for a large integrated transport and logistics company designed to help you successfully boost your business globally.

Our values

Cisgral bases its entire business philosophy and culture on the values of success in order to achieve maximum growth:
To know the different solutions in order to offer the best one, to satisfy the expectations of our EU and non-EU customers by providing them with value, anticipating their needs and gaining their trust with our commitment and quality service.
To see, analyse, calculate, explain and act.
We are oriented towards achieving favourable business results, seeking growth, sustained profitability and the success of our customers, through the effective management of resources.
The safety of transport and of the transported goods is, without a doubt, our most important objective. We have a team for tracking goods and, if necessary, also GPS tracking equipment.

We aim to be environmentally friendly, offering our customers the most sustainable options possible for their transport.

We have freight and civil liability insurance with sufficient coverage against any contingencies, although our greatest effort is made to ensure they do not arise.
While our commitment gives us energy, our professionalism enables us to find the best ways to achieve our goals. We cooperate as a single team, sharing these goals and encouraging the development and commitment of all, inspiring colleagues and collaborators with the project.
We act with initiative and proactivity, anticipating, being resolute and deciding wisely, taking advantage of, and even provoking, new opportunities.
We listen and we express ourselves depending on who we are talking with. Through respect and empathy, we seek mutual understanding in order to provide a convincing response and offer alternatives where necessary.
The diverse needs of our customers and the environment in all its dimensions are evolving. Our company therefore knows that it needs to adapt in order to continue providing an optimal response. Sometimes more gradual and other times more immediate, change is a constant of our time and our ongoing adaptation means that our customers always find the solution they are seeking with us. It is not a question of whether or not to change, but of doing so consciously and strategically in order to achieve the best results.

Certificates that guarantee the quality of Cisgral’s services

Contracting Party’s Profile

Our customers are organisations from every sector. They trust us completely and know that they have the partner they need. That is why they leave all the management of their shipments in our hands regardless of their destination.

Our experience extends beyond the mechanics of logistics, as we understand the unique nature of each market and the complexity of global supply chains. This allows us to study each case in detail and offer the best solution based on the needs of each organisation.

When transport needs so require, we can provide our customers with access to our online tracking computer platforms for tracking their goods without intermediation.