Fast and safe
delivery at the
lowest cost.

Cisgral is the logistics services company that ensures fast and safe delivery at a lower cost, optimising the efficiency and profitability of your logistics shipments worldwide.

What sets us apart?

At Cisgral we are experts in studying and offering the timely, cost-effective and flexible solutions that best meet your needs. We provide multimodal transport services (sea, air and land), customs logistics and advisory services for any type of goods and destinations, facilitating and ensuring logistical solutions for any situation and in a limited timeframe.

Why Cisgral?

On the basis of our customers’ needs, we can offer adaptable solutions to provide integrated transport services that meet the needs of any supply chain. Our aim is to provide safe and efficient distribution of your cargo worldwide.

The multimodal solutions we offer allow for fast, door-to-door distribution to any point in the world, in addition to connectivity with international trade centres.

Cisgral has the level, experience, knowledge and tools to provide a fast and reliable transit of your goods. We aim to always be at the cutting edge by using the latest technology and maintaining a sustainable approach. Using our transport services not only saves you time and money, but also reduces your company’s carbon footprint


Personalised advice
At Cisgral we study, understand and design each plan tailored to the needs, business and goods of our customers. We analyse each and every one of the existing options so that we may always guarantee you and provide you with the best solution at the most competitive price possible.
Certified experience

Cigral’s team is made up of outstanding professionals. We are experts and highly knowledgeable of the world of logistics and the operation and specific features of customs legislation, which allows us to offer you a quality service while always guaranteeing maximum safety and reliability.

Speed and agility
We are aware that the success of any supply chain depends on the timeliness and agility of the processes. This is why we work to ensure that all processes are performed as efficiently and smoothly as possible.
Tailor-made service

We adapt to your needs. We seek out and analyse the best transport routes and connections, irrespective of the means of transport, depending on the type of cargo and the cost. Our experience makes us one of the leading freight forwarders in the sector.

Wide coverage
We cover virtually any point on the planet, thanks to extensive knowledge and a wide-ranging network of correspondents, we are able to send your goods to reach any destination at the corresponding time and date.
Safety and guarantee
We offer you tracking of your merchandise so that you know where it is at all times. We also insure your cargo for any unforeseen event that may arise during transport.